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Video: Don’t Let Home Repairs Catch You by Surprise

Video: Don’t Let Home Repairs Catch You by Surprise.

Seasoned homeowners are intimately acquainted with emergency home repairs and necessary renovations. For the first-time home owner these thing might come as an unpleasant surprise.

Your lender has factored in all of the home related costs that matter to them. But the minute you move in you realize that there are day-to-day elements that matter far more to you. Maybe that leaky pipe under the sink is driving you crazy. Maybe the air conditioning went out on one of our infamous 117 degree days, or the fridge is making freakish noises that keep you up at night. All these things are a new homeowner’s potential nightmare.

Enter the Home Warranty. Yeah, I get it. It’s one more expense. But in most cases, a Home Warranty at least in the first year of owning your home, can be a life saver… AND a big money saver.

Very often, I can even say usually, the first year of a Home Warranty is paid by the home seller. A smart home seller will include the Home Warranty and have it in place during the listing phase for several reasons. Number 1: There is no telling what system or appliance will break down while you have your home on the market. Your systems and appliances are not covered by the average home owners policy, only the damage their malfunction may cause. You will therefore be responsible for replacing or repairing the defective item. Number 2: If something breaks down shortly after the buyers move in, their first call will be the Home Warranty company, likely absolving you of any culpability.

I’ve worked with nearly every Home Warranty company out there. Some are more expensive than others. Some are more cooperative than others. Some are responsive and some are not. Give me a call if you’d like more information or a list of contacts.

Video: Don’t Let Home Repairs Catch You by Surprise

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Video Transcript: Don’t Let Home Repairs Catch You by Surprise

Planning your monthly housing expenses? Don’t forget to factor in repairs.

Welcome to Today’s News Update everyone, I’m Jenny Dunn.

Your mortgage, taxes and insurance on your home are the most obvious monthly expenses, but the inevitable home repairs should be factored into your budget as well.

Some of the repairs you’re most likely to face as a homeowner include plumbing fixes, patios, fence and driveway repairs, heating and air conditioning repairs, and painting the interior and exterior of your home.

BMO Harris Bank says, research which renovations add popular selling features and increase your home’s value the most. Also, plan long-term. Whether you’re borrowing or dipping into your savings, meet with a financial expert to make certain your project fits in well with your financial goals.

Expect the unexpected. That leaky roof or broken pipe won’t be nearly as big a blow if you have the funds set aside to pay for the repairs.

Finally, get renovation costs in writing, up front. Understand the agreement well. If changes in the project create more costs, know up front if that will affect your cost.

We hope this information is helpful to you, see you next time.

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