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Save up to $2,000* or more when buying or selling a home.



This quick video explains how you can save up to $2,000* or more when buying or selling a home in Arizona. Check out our Veteran’s Discounts page on this site for additional savings.

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Welcome to Arizona Veterans Helping Veterans. We are a continually growing network of professionals committed to improving the lives and housing situation of all Veterans and Active Military Members. If there is a business or service that is not represented here, don’t despair… we almost certainly know someone who can assist you. No matter your request, we want to help.
We are business owners and career specialists, but we are also veterans, military family members, and thankful community members who wish to give back to the dedicated men and women who serve our country. You have our deepest respect and most sincere gratitude.
My name is Bill Salvatore and I am the founder of AZVHV. Though no more influential than any other member of our organization, I do hope you’ll feel free to use me as a resource. If I don’t have the information you’re looking for I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.
I am a Veteran, a husband, a dad, a licensed Realtor & business owner, and an enthusiastic supporter of all who serve… oh, and a golfer occasionally. Thanks for visiting us! Just let me know what we can do for you.
*$2,000 is used as an example only. Actual cash back amount is equal to 25% of agent’s individual client-related commission, and will be applied to your closing costs. Must be a client of, and have signed agreement with Bill Salvatore, Realty Executives East Valley. Total cash back may include discounts on services such as mortgage financing fees or rates, home inspection, home owner’s insurance, or other purchase/sale related services. Discounts and cash back amount must appear on HUD1 **Cannot be combined with other Realtor discount programs.


Dont Miss This noteSend a Soldier a Smile Logo - Bill Salvatore, Realt Executives East Valley - 602-999-0952Send a Soldier a Smile, is a fantastic operation created and carried out by Lynda and Mike Wooten. They personally send cards to soldiers in every branch of the service, to remind them they are not forgotten and to let them know they are appreciated. You can learn more here. Find out how you can help, and check out their latest fundraiser at the bottom of the Send a Soldier a Smile page.


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25 comments on “Veterans Helping Veterans

  1. Dear Bill Salvatore,

    My name is Jon Huse i served in the Marine Corps from 2000-2010, i was blown up by a IED in 2007 in Iraq. I fractured my back had surgery and i also have PTSD TBI Memory loss nightmares nightsweats moodswings headaches. I dont live inAZ and i contacted every organizatation for help and been told im not injured bad enough or we only do things in certain county. so since my state dont care about there veterans i figure i would reach out father. See after getting out i couldnt find a job lost my house and moved my 4 kids to Carthage nc. We lived with my wifes family till i was rerated in july 2012 as 90% disable. I found a rented a doublewide trailer. I was told by the landlord that she was saling the place and we had to move. I live off my va check. So after bills and gas i have nothing,left. I found a house i would like to have but cant get it because of my bankruptcy. Please help my family. Thanks Jonathon Huse Sgt/USMC

    • Hello Jon,
      First let me thank you for your service and please know that you are appreciated. It would appear that your circumstances fit into that unfair “falling through the cracks” category that I’m hearing so much about lately. The organizations I work with are attempting to remedy at least a small part of that. However my influence is predominantly in Arizona. Having said that, I am aware of a company that may be able to assist you. They are based in North Carolina. The name of the company is Veterans United. Their business is primarily Real Estate and Home Loans but they do have a program called Lighthouse that is focused on working with Veterans who have experienced an unfortunate financial event. If you have access to a computer they have a contact form at:
      Or you may contact them by phone: 1-800-698-5158

    • Thanks Kimberly, I checked out your site as well, sounds like you’re one busy Mom. Winter will be around again before you know it… if you’re thinking about a vacation home in the warm US Southwest, you can’t beat Arizona! We have a couple Canadian seasonal neighbors and they love it here :)

  2. You might want to check in with Sheri DeGrom, retired from the Pentagon, has developed a program for the veterans at the Little Rock, AR VA hospital. It started with the men reading my blog and opening up themselves, it grew to involve the doctors, psychiatrists, restaurants, volunteers, entire communities and taken on a life of its own! A truly amazing development that is being looked into for other states.
    Try asking her about it – it couldn’t hurt!

    • Thanks so much, this is fantastic info. I took a look at her bio and she is apparently trying to redefined the word “retired”. Sounds like an amazing woman. We’re always getting requests for assistance with VA issues and generally I have, at the very least, a phone number I can pass on. I’ll definitely contact Sheri, I’d love to know more about this program. Thanks again! ~Bill / AZVHV

      • Any time! More and more veterans are enjoying the benefits of this program of hers and it’s spreading like wildfire!!

  3. Bill and G.P. – We’re doing an export of our program to 2 additional hospital’s this week. I’m anxious to see all is implemented properly. Bill – The program works only if you have a strong, dedicated group of dependable volunteers. The program also needs to be bankrolled independently from the VA cost. Once the community is aware of what’s going on, they are relatively easy to step forward.

  4. Thank you for following my blog and it is an honor to someone like you taking time to help veterans. Although not a veteran, my heart goes out to them and I hope to help them more in the future. I have talked to my mail lady (a veteran of Aghanistan) about helping vets in Westchester, NY. I also give to the VA. My grandfather was a vet in WWII and a lawyer for the VA and is buried at National Cemetery. My father was a JAG. God bless you for helping the vets. We need to have much more in place for them. Let’s start by reducing the salary of Congress and cutting the pensions of former presidents who are going to make plenty of dough on the lecture circuit and giving the money to our vets.

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