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How Not to Sell Your Home

How Not to Sell Your Home.

This sounds like it might be a comical post, something fun to read. I can at least verify that it’s good to know. Personally, I don’t have a problem telling a client what might help sell their home or what’s stopping their home from selling. It’s my job.

Things that are not objectionable to you or things you haven’t even noticed, could be a deal breaker for a potential home buyer. Best to neutralize before having to ask “Why so many showings but no offers?”

Some Home Marketing Tips.

By Maria Patterson

While the fundamentals of home staging, like de-cluttering and removing family photos, are critical when it comes to getting your home sold, it’s just as important to focus on what not to do as certain factors can act as immediate deal breakers to would-be buyers. Make sure your for-sale home doesn’t include any of the following turn-offs:

Odors. Whether it’s pet odors, last night’s stir fry or that musty basement, any type of strong odor can be an immediate deterrent to a buyer, no matter how beautifully your home is decorated or staged. We usually get accustomed to our home’s unique scent, so have a professional cleaner do the necessary work to make the environment odor-free.

Artwork. While all art is certainly subjective, keep in mind that not everyone will appreciate artwork with severe or explicit subject matter. Stick to subtle landscapes and still lifes, or remove artwork altogether. Sparsely decorated walls will make your home appear more spacious.

Collections. Your shelves of antique dolls or Norman Rockwell plates might be your most prized possession, but for prospective home buyers who don’t share the same affinity, collections can skew their opinion of your home – not to mention, make it appear very cluttered. Pack away your beloved collectibles in preparation for their new home.

Note: Often collections have monetary value. You should never leave valuable, personal or dangerous items in plain sight. This includes prescription drugs, jewelry, and firearms or other weapons.

People. You might think that being present during showings can be a plus – you can provide buyers with certain details about your home and what you love most about the neighborhood. But most people don’t want the owners present when they tour a home. So clear out and give them the freedom to pour over every detail of your home and make honest comments to the REALTORS.

Note: You’ve hired an agent for a reason, this is a sales process not a meet-and-greet. Honesty is always the best policy but there’s such a thing as too much information. Rather than saying something you’ll regret later, let your agent be your filter.

Weeds. Curb appeal really is everything, so if your yard isn’t up to snuff, buyers may turn around before they ever step foot inside. There’s no need to break the bank – just make sure the basics are covered: mow the lawn, weed borders and beds, trim bushes and trees, and remove all sticks, leaves and debris.

For more tips and advice on getting your home in perfect condition to list, and more importantly to sell, contact me.

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