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Home Repair/Rehab Assistance

Landmark Home Foundation
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Available to Veterans and Military Personnel, the non-profit Landmark Home Foundation’s innovative Help a Home program was created to assist homeowners in need, who are struggling to repair or replace malfunctioning home systems and appliances.
Bill Salvatore, Realty Executives East Valley



Bill Salvatore / Arizona Elite
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Cash Back Discount at Closing for Veterans, Military and other Heroes including Nurses, Teachers, Police, Firefighters, Medical Professionals through Heroes Home Advantage. New Construction Discount Program – available to all buyers of a New Construction home. *please see terms and conditions. Think you can’t buy a home? Watch this!
Michael Pehrson, Movement Mortgage - AZVHV Heroes Home Advantage - Bill Salvatore, Realty Executives East Valley - 602-999-0952



Michael Pehrson /  Movement Mortgage
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Bank fees are waived for Veterans, a $1,100 value. Reduced fees for all our Heroes:  Firefighters and EMTs, Police Officers, Teachers, Nurses and other Medical Professionals Veterans & Military.

AZ LO#092857 / NMLS#601145 / Movement Mort. NMLS ID#39179 / AZ#918544
Don 'Will' Wilcox, Alliance Home Loans - Bill Salvatore, Realty Excellence East Valley - Arizona Elite Properties - 602-999-0952



Don ‘Wil’ Wilcox / Alliance
Home Loans
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If you are a veteran of the Armed Forces, a VA loan is an excellent option for you with no down payment with approved eligibility*, and no Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

NMLS# 1283822 / AZ:929369 / Corp NMLS#142084 / AZ:BK0909311
Mac Brady - CNN Mortgage



Mac Brady / CNN Mortgage
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Discount on Lender Fees for Veterans and Active Military members.

AZ LO NMLS#235624 / NMLS#148530 / BK#0901814
Mack McDaniel - Pioneer Title



Mack McDaniel / Pioneer Title
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30% Discount on Title Fees for Veterans and Military, Firefighters, Police Officers, Nurses and other Medical Professionals, Teachers through Heroes Home Advantage.
David Levan - Assure Home Inspections



David Levan / BPG Home Inspections
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$50 Discount on Home Inspection for Veterans and Military Members.
Steve Letner, Eagle Eye Home Inspection



Steve Letner / Eagle Eye Home Inspection
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$50 Discount for Military Veterans.
$200 Flat Fee for Active Military Members!
Logan Will partners



Logan Will / Peace of Mind Inspections
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Discounts on Home Inspection for Military Veterans and First Responders.
Jonathan Gephart, Liberty Mutual Insurance



Johathan Gephart / Liberty Mutual Ins.
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10% Discount on Home Insurance for Veterans and Active Military members, Firefighters, Police Officers, Nurses and Medical Professionals, and Teachers through Heroes Home Advantage.
1st Choice Garage Doors



1st choice Garage Doors
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Dan Reynolds - The Smoke Detector Man



The Smoke Detector Man
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10% Discount for Veterans and Military members.
Mike Ranahan, Ran 9 Carpet Cleaning



Mike Ranahan
Ran 9
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20% off any cleaning for our Heroes: Veterans and Military members, Firefighters, Police Officers, Nurses and Medical Professionals, and Teachers.

Bill Salvatore
Arizona Elite Properties
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**Realtor Discount for Veterans, Heroes Home Advantage or New Construction Discounts cannot be combined with other Realtor discount programs. May be combined with Lender discounts, Home Inspection, Insurance and other home-related services. Realtor’s discount is equal to 25% of individual client commission amount and cash back is returned in the form of contribution to closing costs and must appear on closing disclosure or settlement statement.
* AZVHV Arizona Veterans Helping Veterans is in no way affiliated with the non-profit organization of the same name.