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What Matters More Than Price to Home Buyers? Survey Says…

When buying a home the power of price is undeniable. I think we can all agree that a home buyer most often chooses the neighborhood in which they will live and the features a home will include, by the mortgage that they qualify for. Accordingly, what the home buyer can afford becomes the qualifier against… Read More

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New to Real Estate Investing? 3 Tricks for Beginning Home Flippers

If you’ve never flipped a house before there are probably hundreds of things you should be aware of. But let’s assume you’ve done your research, you know a sharp Real Estate agent to help you find the right home, and you’ve got some contractor skills to help you overhaul it. All these things would give… Read More

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Your Real Estate Agent is Your Employee, 5 Important Interview Questions to Ask

How do I find the best Realtor to sell my home? There’s a misconception about the Real Estate world, that the agent is in charge of selling your home while you as the homeowner, sign some paperwork and wait. – What Will My Closing Costs Be? – Your Realtor is in truth, your employee. The… Read More

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Video: A Sensible, Safe and Successful Open House

Should I do anything special before an Open House? I am in the ‘Open Houses are good business’ camp and I do them regularly. Folks visiting Open Houses are not in the same category as the clients that I show properties to, so there’s not the same level of mutual trust. It’s just logical that… Read More

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Spring Home Improvement? Yes Please!

Tis the season for Home Improvement projects. Home improvement in the U.S. appears to be enjoying a resurgence beyond our customary Spring overhauls. Internet searches for terms related to ‘home improvement’ are through the roof for consumers in all demographics. Lowe’s and Home Depot are on a Spring hiring spree, anticipating the addition of nearly… Read More

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Have Homeowners Lost Interest in Mortgage Refinance?

Refinances down but new mortgages are up. I’m not at all convinced that the recent indifference toward mortgage refinancing has anything to do with rising interest rates. I’m more inclined to assume that because low mortgage rates have been around for an extended period of time, most everyone who wanted to refi has already done… Read More

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Do it Yourself Staging for Home Sellers

Will Staging Help Sell My Home? There’s no question that staging can lend a hand when you’re selling your home. It’s the degree of staging that’s debatable. A home that looks lived in may be fine but if a potential buyer might get the idea that you just had a party last night… not so… Read More

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Video: Spring is Home Improvement Season, Start Planning Now

Planning Ahead for Home Improvements. Rarely is home renovation a waste of your money. What’s not rare however is that home improvement projects are chock-full of surprises. Successful home repairs and additions rely heavily on exhaustive advance recon and an easily accessed emergency fund. Everything from general facelifts like freshening interior paint to major upgrades… Read More

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Natural, Organic or Home Remedies for Common House Pests

Are there environmentally friendly ways to eliminate insects? When home buyers ask about pests in Arizona I usually pass on a local adage that was conveyed to me when I moved here: “There are two kinds of houses in Arizona, ones that have termites and ones that will have termites”. Having said that, in the… Read More

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Fort Worth Texas is Home to Selena Gomez, and Now Maybe You

Selena Gomez’s Fort Worth, Texas home, admittedly quite an investment, could be yours. At 10,016 square feet it is massive, chic and eclectic, tastefully elegant, and with endless luxury amenities it is undeniably livable… it’s also for sale! We occasionally enjoy featuring luxury properties from other locations throughout the country. Although some of these residences might… Read More