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My Guarantee

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Once you have negotiated a contract and agreed on a sales price, the real work begins. Below is a list of some of the details I will be managing through this process.

I Will…

  • regularly check-in with the title company to assess when they need additional information and whether there might be issues that could affect obtaining title.
  • provide you with a Cost Sheet outlining an estimate of your final expenditures and profit.
  • ensure that both you and your Buyer receive copies of all documentation pertaining to the transaction, insuring that Buyer(s) acknowledge receipt of all copies.
  • make sure that the Buyer meets and removes all contingencies within the time-frame contracted, and/or provided extensions if needed, with applicable signatures.
  • keep you abreast of the Buyer’s loan progress including the appraisal on your home.
  • work with the appraiser to arrange for entry to the property and answer any questions they may have about the home or neighborhood. I will also provide the appraiser with the most recent comparable sales in the area though they are under no obligation to receive or consider these.
  • make sure that the Buyer remits their deposit in a timely manner.
  • coordinate inspections if necessary and keep you informed of all relevant findings.
  • negotiate inspection issues if any arise.
  • communicate with the Buyer’s Agent and all others involved, ensuring that corrective work is completed according to the terms of the contract.
  • remind you of loose ends that must be tied up prior to close, such as utilities and HOA.
  • coordinate move-out/move-in dates.
  • analyze the preliminary and final HUD1 to insure accuracy and integrity.
  • review and clarify HUD1 with you so that all closing costs are completely understood.
  • verify that all documents are ordered and drawn, including your loan pay-off, Buyer’s loan documents, and Title documents, and that they remain within your contracted time-frame.

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