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Unless your home is always ‘model perfect’ there are things you can do to make it more marketable. One of the great challenges prior to selling a home can be showcasing its features and potential in their best light, for example, clearing crowded closets or considering ineffectively used space. The added value when these areas are improved, more than offsets the bit of effort involved.

Begin by evaluating your closets and storage space. Determine where clutter can be eliminated. Go through clothes, shoes, boxes etc., get rid of anything that will not be used in the next couple months. Reorganize shelves to make better use of space. Include the garage in your assessment and the basement if applicable. Throw out, give away or place in storage, any stored furniture or appliances. It can be difficult to convince a buyer of a home’s potential when clutter is noticeable.

Once you’ve eliminated unwanted items begin the ‘freshening’ process. Remove all purely personal articles and things of value. Photographs, framed portraits, collections and nicknacks should all be boxed in advance. Clean carpeting, wash floors, wipe-down walls and ceilings. Clean woodwork or throw on a fresh coat of paint. For non-storage spaces that could use a little extra ambiance, consider removing or rearranging furniture, complement a small shelf with a cozy reading chair and colorful pillow… anything that might make a potential buyer feel at home. Staging doesn’t necessarily need to cost money or even take much time.

People love pets but not evidence of pets… stained carpeting, pet odors, hairs and litter boxes need to be non-existent. If it’s possible for your pet to live elsewhere just while the home is on the market, it would be  less work for you and much less stressful for your four-legged friend. If that’s not possible, do your very best to take your pet for a walk or have them visit a neighbor while the house is being shown.

Always be sure you’re filtering as much light into your home as possible. Open or replace window coverings. For example, light from a window overlooking the outdoors offers a room more color a great view and the illusion of space, as well as highlighting backyard living areas.

And speaking of backyards… even if your backyard is not fully landscaped it needs to be trash and pet-waste free! Potential homeowners will want to check-out the yard. What do you want them to remember?

Prospective buyers are often drawn to a home with features that they don’t currently have. Those with clutter-free closets, open sunny spaces, and cozy little corners can stimulate imagination and create an “I could live here” feeling. To ensure that you’ve highlighted your home’s assets to their full potential, the last step should be to invite a friend or relative who is familiar with your home, and observe their reaction. Make sure it’s an honest acquaintance, who will offer suggestions in addition to noticing the improvements. Seeing your own home through someone else’s eyes is a great way to optimize appeal and make it more attractive to prospective buyers.

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