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Vintage is Nothing New… Bring Back the Good Old Days in Your Brand New Kitchen

Vintage is Nothing New… Bring Back the Good Old Days in Your Brand New Kitchen.

Bringing back the ‘Good ol’ Days’ has been a popular approach to remodeling for as long as I can remember. Back in the late 80’s when we were building our new home, the depression 1950's style kitchen with black and white checked floor, mint green cabinets, retro refrigerator, formica table with vinyl chairs - vintage kitchen, retro kitchen, home remodeling - Bill Salvatore, Arizona Elite Properties 602-999-0952 - Arizona Real Estateera, farm-country kitchen was the vintage style that was ‘in’: big old farmhouse sinks, cast iron ranges, wide open shelving and butcher block countertops.

These days it’s the 1950’s influencing an impressive number of kitchen remodels. I  haven’t yet run into a 50’s retro kitchen in any of the homes I’ve listed or sold, but maybe it’s not such a bad idea. I do remember the old formica tabletop from my childhood being incredibly damage resistant 🙂

If you’re buying an older home, especially in a historic district like the F.Q. Story Neighborhood Historic District in Phoenix, you might want to consider a period remodel. In fact, many home buyers shopping in the historic district are hoping for just that; either an ambiance that suits the home’s era or the potential to create it.

Tip: A remodel that reflects the era of your home’s origin can actually add to its value.

Tips for a Vintage Kitchen Remodel.

(Family Features)–When you renovate an older home, the goal is not always to replace old with new. In fact, some renovations are all about preserving the past with a design that reflects and pays respect to the yesteryear features that make your home unique.

Whether you’re planning a renovation for a 60-year-old home, or working to infuse some retro charm into a newer home, the ultimate goal is capturing the nostalgia of an older home: classic lines, hardwood, moldings and woodwork, and features like fireplaces or stonework, bannisters or windows and doors.

The kitchen can be a particularly challenging room to renovate because a blend of old charm with modern convenience and functionality can seem at odds. These suggestions from the design experts at Elmira Stove Works, an authority on vintage appliances, can help you combine practical function with timeless features for a room filled with character and purpose.

Keep cabinet facades true to the era. Updating the cabinets is practically a necessity for any vintage kitchen remodel. Although many older kitchens lacked the cabinet space modern homeowners desire, you can still achieve a retro look with ample storage by focusing more on the shape and style than on the quantity. With this approach, you can add as much storage and as many functional amenities as your space allows while still capturing the right look for the era. Opt for sleek and understated styles, or for some extra flair incorporate exaggerated angles and curves common to mid-century design. Material and color options abound, so you’re free to go bold and glossy or more subdued.

Tip: Hide technology inside cabinets and drawers. Under counter lighting can highlight the most colorful features of your vintage kitchen without being obvious.

Design with a focal point in mind. In a retro kitchen, standout elements such as colorful appliances can enhance the space and act as a focal point in the room. Stainless steel has become almost “default” in kitchens from coast to coast. Whether your home is on the beach, in the mountains or in a suburban neighborhood, for those who find beauty in the past, choosing a retro refrigerator or a vintage stove might be a better choice. These appliances act as a major design element in the space, and fortunately there are plenty of options when it comes to retro appliances with exciting pops of color.

Tip: Colors in a retro kitchen don’t necessarily need to blend. As a matter of fact contrasting colors were the norm in the 50’s, bright yellows, mint greens, oranges and reds. Even floor tiles were often two alternating colors, and not necessarily the same colors as tables and appliances.

Let the details bring it all together. Vibrant color is the signature of any retro kitchen, so don’t forget to carry that design element through the space with accessories like dishes, cookbooks and vintage relics that celebrate bygone days. Other details like hardware, small appliances and utensils that harken the past can bring a cohesive look to the kitchen for a seamless style that feels like stepping back in time.

Bringing old character to life can be a tricky proposition when it comes to remodeling, however, with the proper focus on appliances, major features like the cabinetry and small details that make a big difference, you can confidently create a new space that takes you to another time.

Feature Photo by Annie Sprat on Unsplash. Information Source: Elmira Stove Works. Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2017. All rights reserved.

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