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Video: Away or at Home- In an Emergency, Stay Connected!

Video: Away or at Home- In an Emergency, Stay Connected!

During the recent bout of hurricanes in Texas and on the East Coast, earthquakes in Mexico, and even the very active Monsoon here in Arizona, the top stories all included some form of communication issue. Technology is a wonderful thing but if you’re not right on the ball, your tech device might prove to be the proverbial ‘brick’. The timely video below offers some advice from Verizon on preparing for emergency communications. Whether you’re out and about or tucked in at home, you need to have an emergency communications plan in place.

I heard a lot about an app called Zello during Hurricane Irma. The app, a direct messaging service that acts like a walkie-talkie, allows you to speak with emergency responders and anyone else using the app on your cell phone or computer, using cell phone networks. You can create your own channels to have a ‘party line’ type conversation.     

Were you aware that Facebook has a Facebook Safety Check Tool on its site? It automatically sends a prompt to folks in affected areas inquiring about their safety. When a Facebook user clicks “Yes, let my friends know”, Facebook sends a message to all connected friends. The tool is activated by Facebook only during emergency events.

A couple other safety and crisis apps to check out: In Case of Emergency: stores important information that emergency responders and hospital staff may need.  Red Panic Button: sends your GPS coordinates and a link to Google Maps, by text or email to a previously specified contact list.

Video: Away or at Home- In an Emergency, Stay Connected!

For your convenience, we’ve provided a transcript directly below this video.

Video Transcript: Away or at Home- In an Emergency, Stay Connected!

Welcome to Today’s Home Update, I’m Andrea.

When expecting severe weather, it’s important to ensure you can stay connected to your loved ones should an emergency occur. Consider these tips from Verizon Communications.

  1. Charge your devices before a storm hits. To preserve battery life dim the background light on your screen and turn off background data applications or wifi search services.
  2. Create a list of emergency phone numbers and email addresses. Program them into your phone, smartphone, tablet or laptop, and also have a hard copy handy.
  3. Text, don’t call when communicating during a family emergency. Opt for brief text messages rather than phone calls. Text messages are more likely to get through more quickly in a crisis.
  4. Program your smartphone to receive emergency alerts. Wireless emergency alerts, WEAs, are free, wireless notifications that are delivered to your mobile device as part of a public safety system.
  5. Download weather applications and alerts that provide users with a variety of information such as radar images, forecasts and severe storm warnings.
  6. Use your free flashlight app. All smartphones have a free flashlight app in case the power goes out.
  7. Back up your information on the cloud. The cloud can safely store your info should your devices become damaged.

Thanks for watching Today’s Home Update, see you next time.

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