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Video: Recycle, Upcycle, Freecycle.

Video: Recycle, Upcycle, Freecycle.

We’ve been droning on lately about Real Estate market stats, Congress and tax credits, home values and the perils of home buyers ignoring the contents of their contract. Serious and important issues all, but lets take a breather.

So on the lighter side, I possess this nagging reluctance to throw things away. Hey, “it might be good for something someday”. I conscientiously recycle everything that I’m supposed to. I can find a practical use for almost everything else, and when I can’t, I like to give it away.

Did you know you can crochet a yoga mat out of plastic grocery bags? Yeah, not exactly up my ally either but now you know it can be done. Also, you can construct a chandelier out of wine bottles (saw it at Red Robin) or out of tea cups (Cafe 222 in San Diego). I even read something on a website once that said you can make a fruit bowl out of a globe. Remember when you were a kid?..that (doubtless dusty) globe sitting on the back corner of the desk in your room?..behind GI Joe and a stack of MAD Magazines and some paper plates from a weeks worth of after school snacks? Remember all those globes had an unfortunate seam across the middle, usually slicing the name of some obscure island right in half so you could never quite figure out what was South of Saba? So according to this website you split that old globe on the seam, slap some clear nail polish around the edge, sit it in a wooden crochet ring (after you’ve finished your yoga mat) and Voila! a chic (their word, not mine) fruit bowl for your dining room table. From experience I can tell you that most everything can be reused. So apparently it’s is called Upcycling and I know this because I looked it up and then Googled it (that’s how I found that glōbowl thing). Cool word Upcycle, right? Cool concept too. I’ve been doing that sorta thing for years and never knew it had a name.

I know you’re shaking your head right now I can see you. Noooo, no I really can’t. But here’s the thing. Almost everything you own can either be Recycled, Upcycled, or Freecycled. I find it hard to believe there are still people out there that haven’t heard of Freecycle. But I’ve been told over and over by my home seller clients and other folks who’ve needed to get rid of stuff, that they’ve never heard of Freecycle. Check it out. It’s a brilliant idea! You advertise what you’re giving away. Someone who wants it contacts you. You leave it at the curb or somewhere else that you’ve agreed upon in advance. And it’s gone. Just like that. No talking to strangers. You didn’t have to throw it away, and someone who actually wants it has it now. Freecycle has a web page for just about every town, and if they don’t there will always be a neighboring town’s page that you can advertise on.

So there you have it. Never again throw anything away. And if I haven’t convinced you yet, there are 10 more suggestions in this video.

Video: Recycle, Upcycle, Freecycle.

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Video Transcript: Recycle, Upcycle, Freecycle.

Welcome to Today’s Home Update, I’m Edwardo.

You know that egg carton you just threw out? You could have turned it into a handy drawer organizer. From Lifestyle blogger Britt Morin, here are more ways to get double duty from ordinary household items.

Fill small balloons partially full (with water) and freeze them. Use them in your cooler to keep food and drinks cold on the move.

Hate that clam shell packaging? Use a can opener to slice through one side of the plastic.

An ice cream scoop used as a melon-baller will give you larger, prettier portions for your next fruit platter.

Don’t burn your fingers using a match to light those Birthday candles. Light the end of a strand of spaghetti instead.

Short on bathroom space? Hang a plastic shoe organizer on the back of the door to hold your curing iron, hair dryer, lotions and more.

Keep bracelets, chains and necklaces from snarling by storing them individually in the cups of a plastic ice cube tray placed in a dresser drawer.

Done with your pool noodles for the year? Cut them in half and stand them in your boots to help the boots stand up in your closet.

Thanks for watching Today’s Home Update, see you next time.

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