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White Walls are Back With a Vengeance, How to Choose the Perfect White

White Walls are Back With a Vengeance, How to Choose the Perfect White. Home builders routinely lean toward all white interiors mainly for convenience. Many homeowners are doing the same but in the name of style rather than ease. After many years playing the part of the ugly step sister, white is quickly becoming the… Read More

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How Not to Sell Your Home

How Not to Sell Your Home. This sounds like it might be a comical post, something fun to read. I can at least verify that it’s good to know. Personally, I don’t have a problem telling a client what might help sell their home or what’s stopping their home from selling. It’s my job. Things… Read More

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Simple Tips to Unclutter the Garage and Set the Stage for a Successful Sale

By Keith Loria When selling a home, staging is an important piece of the puzzle that can’t be overlooked. From the kitchen to the bedrooms and bathrooms, staging is a great way to make sure your home appeals to the masses. While staging spaces within your home is crucial, many sellers often neglect one important… Read More