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1 in 40 American Families Deal With Child Identity Theft

1 in 40 American Families Deal With Child Identity Theft. This isn’t purely a homeowner issue but I feel it belongs here nonetheless. It’s a family issue. A community issue. You protect your children from physical dangers in your home. You protect them from dangers in and out of your neighborhood. Whether it’s screening care-givers,… Read More

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Thank You Thursday recognizes Teagan and his teammates

There are good people in this world. Teagan and the football team he represents prove it every day. Teagan House is the son of a long-time friend of our daughter’s. He’s a freshman at Spaulding High School in Rochester N.H. Teagan has muscular dystrophy and has been in a wheel chair since he was 10,… Read More

Ted Talk - AshBeckham

When to take a stand — and when to let it go – Ash Beckham & TED

Gotta love Ash Beckham, she’s hilarious, she’s sincere, she’s understanding, and she’s talking about every human being’s favorite subject ‘Frozen’ !!  Watch this TED Talk.     Additional Helpful Links Heroes Home Advantage– Cash Back credit when you buy or sell a home. AZVHV, Arizona Veterans Helping Veterans– Discounts and Referals on Real Estate, Mortgages… Read More