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Report: Multi-Family Homes as Investment or Residence?

Report: Multi-Family Homes as Investment or Residence? Folks shopping for a place to live have rarely considered multi-family homes in the past, but maybe they should start. Investors long ago realized the value of multi-family properties as a more efficient, more profitable way to cover their mortgage and investment costs. Multi-Family doesn’t need to imply… Read More

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Video: Simple Steps for Buying a Home

Video: Simple Steps for Buying a Home. I don’t really get the mindset that buying a home is complicated, overwhelming or stressful. As with anything you do, if you’re well informed and updated along the way, the process is no more problematic for either buyers or sellers, than a day at work might be. Yes,… Read More

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8 steps to guarantee that your location will suit your lifestyle.

You might think that when you make the decision to become a Home Owner, your first logical step might be to shop for a home. After all, that is the fun part, right? Actually, home shopping should be your third step. Imagine finding exactly the home you’re looking for, then being told that it’s way… Read More