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Making a move? 5 Considerations Wherever You Go

Wherever you decide to move, your research should be the same. Explore the 5 base amenities below before moving on to your wish list. Having lived in several different areas of the country I can tell you , the East Valley portion of the Greater Phoenix Metro region has more to offer than anywhere else… Read More

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Are you ‘Unscorable’? Doesn’t Make You Unreliable

Are you ‘Unscorable’? Doesn’t Make You Unreliable. Home Buyers might feel that if they have no bad credit, they are automatically a good credit risk. This isn’t always the case. Some potential home buyers may have no credit at all and mortgage lenders frown on that. All may not be lost if you have no… Read More

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A Triumph for Home Sellers & Home Buyers – FHA Eases Condo Regulations

A Triumph for Both Home Sellers & Buyers – FHA Eases Condo Regulations Condominiums have been a tough sell in the years following the Real Estate crunch. Strict mortgage regulations, as applied to condominium purchases, were getting in the way of many home buyers looking to purchase a condo. The immediate result was falling condominium… Read More

What will you do with this BIG backyard in Gilbert? Let your imagination run wild!

Arizona offers plenty of sunshiny days to enjoy one of the largest lots in Gilbert’s Towne Meadows community (and this location can’t be beat!). There are endless possibilities. Imagine a refreshing pool or a bubbling spa. Picture barbecues and birthday parties, entertaining friends and family on a sunny weekend afternoon. Envision lounging around a firepit… Read More

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The Housing Market Reflects Consumer Caution in September

Consumers Show Increased Caution in Home Purchase Sentiment in September September was indeed a quiet month for the Real Estate industry. In itself, this is not unusual however October is also beginning a little sluggishly. I find this a bit puzzling considering remarkably low interest rates and stagnant home prices. I feel that this is… Read More

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Video: Is A Bridge Loan Right for You?

We don’t hear as much about Bridge Loans as we used to, and though they were nearly nonexistent for a while they seem to be creeping back into favor. A bridge loan may not be the most financially prudent option, interest rates are higher and the amount of time you will carry the loan is… Read More

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Video: 10 Ways to Avoid ID Theft

This video contains suggestions for Seniors but everyone can benefit from this advice. Of course we all would love to escape the nightmare of identity theft, but if you’re planning to buy a home it’s especially important to be sure your credit hasn’t been compromised in any way. Pull a credit report well in advance…. Read More

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Q: How Can I Finance Work Needed for Home Repairs?

A: According to the Millennial Housing Commission created by Congress, few lenders are willing to administer home improvement loans. Most prefer to make home equity loans or unsecured (personal) consumer loans because they are easier to manage.  Home improvement loans usually require detailed estimates, inspections and irregular draws on the loan amount as work is… Read More