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The Gig Economy – Mortgage App Tips for Contractors and Self Employed

The Gig Economy – Mortgage App Tips for Contractors and Self Employed The Gig Economy has been a hot topic lately. As the work-from-home concept cycles yet again into the fashionable zone, freelance and contract entrepreneurs are flourishing. But current mortgage regulations in our country are not self-employment friendly. That doesn’t mean you can’t get… Read More

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Video: Think of Buying a Home? Do Your Groundwork

Video: Think of Buying a Home? Do Your Groundwork. The only thing I really take issue with in the video below is the statement that home buying can be complicated. You’ve heard me say it over and over again… If your Realtor is doing their job, buying a home should never be “scary”, intimidating, complicated… Read More

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Are you ‘Unscorable’? Doesn’t Make You Unreliable

Are you ‘Unscorable’? Doesn’t Make You Unreliable. Home Buyers might feel that if they have no bad credit, they are automatically a good credit risk. This isn’t always the case. Some potential home buyers may have no credit at all and mortgage lenders frown on that. All may not be lost if you have no… Read More

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Video: News About Credit, It’s Not all Bad – 5 Things That Won’t Ding your Credit

Most of us try to keep tabs on our credit score. Seems we’re always talking about credit, I guess because our credit scores affect practically everything we do from getting a low interest rate when we buy a home, to finding insurance or getting a job. There are a few things however, that you might… Read More