Live in the Fun House, Literally.

Live in the Fun House, Literally Is your home fun? When I’m talking to potential home sellers one of my first bits of advice, and the best staging tip to sell their home fast while appealing to the most potential home buyers, is to neutralize, neutralize, neutralize. But what if you don’t have plans to… Read More

Done Renovating? If Cleaning Up is Your Worst Nightmare, Read On

After yesterday’s discussion about the renovation projects that were best and worst for your home’s value, we thought we’d help you clean up the mess. Not literally of course, we hate cleaning as much as you do. And somehow the mayhem left behind after our home improvement projects is always so much worse than we… Read More

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What Determines a ‘Kind Community’? Do You Live in One?

What Determines a ‘Kind Community’? Do You Live in One? I’m sure we all have stories of neighborly deeds and random acts of kindness, but how do you determine where an entire community fits on the ‘kindness scale’? WalletHub thinks they’ve got it, and indeed their list of the top 6 Kindest Cities would appear… Read More

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What is a want, and what is a need? Tips for Home Buyers.

from Home Buyer Tips on As with anything that requires a process, it’s a good idea to start by thoughtfully determining your wants and needs, and be sure you know the difference between the two. By analyzing your “must haves” you will be able to get a clear picture of exactly what your new… Read More