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‘Magnet States’ Report Credits Arizona and Florida with Dethroning Texas

I can personally verify Allied’s evaluation of relocation stats for Arizona. The volume of folks moving here ‘from away’ has been noteworthy for the past two years. Investors from Canada and California lead the pack alongside a greater than usual influx of home buyers from cold weather spots like the Dakotas and the Chicago and… Read More

Photos, Just for Fun: Houses Buried in Snow

You might think I have a mean streak… and maybe I do. But that used to be me with a shovel on top of a roof. I didn’t really think it was funny then, and I don’t think it’s funny now, and I know that as crazy as it is, there are folks who love… Read More

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Are You Making Clear Decisions About Replacement Windows?

One of the most concerning things to home buyers is the efficiency of windows. A home inspector will make note of the type of windows in a home and whether or not there may be leaks, damage, or need of repair. Replacement windows are costly, but in the Arizona heat they can make a difference… Read More