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The Housing Buzz: Maricopa County AZ Cracks Texas’ 8-Year Ceiling

Texas has long been the bar against which all other Real Estate markets were measured. But recently the Phoenix Valley in Arizona, or to be more precise Maricopa County burst that particular bubble, and with style I might add. The influx of new residents to the Valley of the Sun has always been fairly consistent…. Read More

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Foreclosure, Short Sale or Bankruptcy? Buy Again Faster!

A reader asks: We were told we have to wait 7 years after our Foreclosure to purchase another home. Is there any way we can buy a home sooner? A: Short answer… Yes, you can buy a home faster. Funny you should ask. Just last week I was talking with one of the lenders that… Read More

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Overseas Real Estate Investing – 11 of the Best Places to Look in 2018

#1 on My List of Best Places Overseas to Invest in Real Estate is Costa Rica I have to say I was surprised to discover that Costa Rica was not on the author’s list. My company has an office in Costa Rica in fact, and many of us own property there. Costa Rica is a… Read More

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New Tax Bill Equals New Housing Starts, Bolsters Builder Confidence

What is the forecast for New Construction housing in 2018? The holiday season drop-off notwithstanding, builders recorded a robust close to 2017 and New Construction is seeing its strongest growth in a decade. Some financing regulations have been relaxed and builder confidence is rising. A statement from chief economist for the National Association of Realtors… Read More

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6 More Weeks of Winter? Be Warm, Be Safe as Fire Danger in the Home Increases

What time of year should you be most aware of fire threats in your home? The groundhog is forecasting 6 more weeks of winter. That means six more weeks of fireplaces and wood stoves, space heaters, overworked furnaces and, according to the National Fire Prevention Association, increased fire danger. – Firefighters get help with your… Read More

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Video: Dodging Common Home Buying Pitfalls

Video: Dodging Common Home Buying Pitfalls. There’s an advisable procedure for buying a home and no matter how many times you’ve been a home buyer, no matter where you’re buying or in what price range, there are certain steps that it just isn’t smart to skip. I agree with the advice in the video below… Read More

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5 Affordable Beach Locals if an Oceanside Home is on Your Wish List

Arizona has flourished over the last couple of decades. It’s become the land of Golf Courses, resort quality Retirement neighborhoods, dessert Ranches and mountainside Horse Properties, a seemingly endless supply of New Construction, mind-boggling planned community developments and intimate luxury enclaves. The Phoenix Valley in particular has so much to offer the contemporary home buyer… Read More

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Income Tax: 10 Ways You Can Pay Less This Year

Nobody wants to pay more taxes than they need to. Some of us are confident preparing our own Income Tax every year, I’m keenly aware that that’s way outside my wheelhouse. I am more than happy to tuck away enough money in the budget to retain an accountant. Maybe you opt for the EZ form,… Read More

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Average 30-Year Fixed Rate for Home Loans Above 4 Percent

How much will mortgage rates increase? Rumor has it, mortgage rates are on the rise. The economy is undeniably healthy… have you checked your retirement accounts lately? Unemployment rates have dropped considerably, nationwide unemployment is at its lowest in over a decade. And low interest rates have remained on the charts much, much longer than… Read More

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The Wide World of Woods – Add Warmth and Value to Your Home

Can You Transform Your Home’s Interior With a Few Wood Accents? Wood as an interior design element never seems to go out of style. Wood floors are always in demand, wood adorned furniture has been trendy for decades. But it’s looking like 2018 might be the year of wood’s comeback as a decorating focal point…. Read More