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Video: Hiring a Landscaper, a Few Tips for Homeowners

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HOAs are much more commonplace in Arizona than not, and most are very particular about the condition of your yard. That’s likely why you can’t throw a cat around here without hitting a landscaper. A good many more than half of the homeowners I speak with employ or have employed a landscaper. Sometimes just for one major project, but more often on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for continued maintenance.

Landscapers all have their limitations. Some won’t tackle anything out of the ordinary, like a whole-yard redesign. Some don’t do winter grass over-seeding (a must here in Arizona) and still others don’t trim trees, blow leaves, or spray weed killer. There are full-service landscapers and lawn-only specialists. It’s handy to know all these little things when you hire a landscaper, but sometimes it’s tricky to choose.

I’d be curious to know, did you interview your landscaper before hiring them? What sort of questions did you ask?

The video below brings up some good points assuming you already have a plan. But suppose you’re a new home buyer or you’re looking for something beyond the quick, once-a-month clean up. Maybe you’re selling your home and knowing the importance of curb appeal, you’ve determined a little outdoor staging would be helpful. Start with these 3 questions. Then when you know what you want, move on to the suggestions in the video.

  1. Are you insured and/or bonded? Big project or regular maintenance, this question is truly a necessity. Just imagine a window broken by a rogue leaf blower or an errant slice in your expensive irrigation system. How about an injury while the landscaper is on your property… who’s gonna handle that?
  2. What’s your guarantee? Reputable landscape contractors should have no problem guaranteeing their work, no matter the extent, in writing.
  3. Will you be personally overseeing the work? In this, the age of shams and scams, it’s just smart to know exactly who will be showing up at your home.

Video: Hiring a Landscaper, a Few Tips for Homeowners

For your convenience we’ve provided a transcript directly below this video.

Video: Hiring a Landscaper, a Few Tips for Homeowners

Welcome to Today’s Home Update, I’m Cheyanne.

If you’re designing a new garden, patio, or outdoor living space, you’re probably going to choose a landscaper to do the job. Aside from discussing cost, here’s some questions to ask your landscaper before they break ground.

Can I see examples of your work? It’s an error to assume someone will get your design ideas without seeing past examples of their work, so be sure to ask.

How long will the process take? Make sure to have a clear time window of how long the job will take. This will also hold your landscaper accountable should the process take longer.

When will the plants reach maturity and what will they look like? In all likelihood, most of the plants your landscapers are putting in aren’t at full maturity. As how long it will take for the plants to reach full growth and how they might look at that stage.

How much maintenance will the space require? If you’re not a gardening buff yourself it’s important to let your landscaper know this, especially if you plan to do all the upkeep yourself. This way, they can help you design a low maintenance space that’s what you require.

Thanks for watching Today’s Home Update, see you next time.

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