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Express Yourself – 5 Small Ways Your Home Can Make a Big Impression

Express Yourself – 5 Small Ways Your Home Can Make a Big Impression.

We always talk about neutralizing your home for maximum resale value, and that’s still a accepted best practice. But unless you’re getting ready to put your home on the market soon, your decor should let your individuality shine through. Interior design that reflects your tastes and interests mellows your day and triggers a state of well-being. Here are 5 ways to make your home a stand-out expression of your personality.

attractive front entrance with large metal sunflower sculpture, bed of yellow flowers and brigh periwinkel blue door - front door, welcoming entrance - Bill Salvatore, Arizona Elite Properties 502-999-0952 - Arizona Real Estate1. Make a Grand Entrance: An unusual door knocker or a doorbell that plays a stanza from your favorite symphony—a whimsical statue or a planter filled with a collection of beach rocks, your favorite artsy flag or a small sign with a treasured saying, all draw on your personality to welcome friends and family. Whatever you choose, small touches like these make a unique statement before guests even enter your home.

2. You Put That Where? Friend’s actors Joey and Chandler opted for a foosball table in the kitchen. Maybe that won’t work for you but perhaps there’s a kitchen nook that just begs for a chaise lounge? Add a loveseat to the bedroom instead of the over-done side chair option, or perhaps an antique, full-length mirror gracing your living room. When done tastefully, furniture in unexpected places can make a memorable impression.

Two people on ladders painting a mural of ocean and tropical plants - mural, painting, home decor - Bill Salvatore, Arizona Elite Properties 602-999-0952 - Arizona Real Estate3. Express Yourself: Don’t play it safe when it comes to wall décor. Go beyond the usual framed prints and bland accent mirrors, and exhibit the objects d’art that reflect your personality. Music lover? Arrange beloved album covers and concert posters. Avid Traveler? Turn your a wall into a collage of photographs and remembrances that bring to mind your favorite destinations. Poet? Stencil a inspirational quote right on the wall. Artist? Go a step further and create a mural to reflect your surroundings.

4. Who Do You Love? Whether it’s comic book heroes or collectible angels, weave your curio into your interior design with creative and tasteful shelving or an uncommon display unit. The key here is to choose one area—don’t let your collection overtake every room.

5. Bring the Outdoors In. Do you have a green thumb? Don’t restrict your talents to the garden. White room with plants on shelving, simple desk and neutral mat - house plants, indoor gardening, interior design - Bill Salvatore, Arizona Elite Properties 602-999-0952 - Arizona Real EstateNot only can you use house plants to help make the air healthier in your home, you can infuse your home with plants and flowers to feed your gardening passion all year-round. Select a sunny spot to cultivate an orchid or African violet bed. Choose multiple locations for hanging vegetable gardens or an herb wall in the kitchen, using charming planters made from copper, ceramic or stainless steel.

One of the many benefits of owning a home versus renting, is the ability to personalize. There are no restrictions on your creativity. So express yourself and create a home that’s truly you.

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