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Video: 5 Common but Avoidable ‘Pesky’ New-Homeowner Missteps

Every area of the country has its unique syndicate of pests. Arizona for instance, is a prime environment for termites. As a matter of fact, there’s a saying in our industry that there are two kinds of houses in Arizona; the ones that have termites, and the ones that will. Staying on top of ground-borne pests is a full time job.

Video: 5 Common but Avoidable ‘Pesky’ New Homeowner Missteps

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Video Transcript: 5 Common but Avoidable ‘Pesky’ New Homeowner Missteps

Welcome to Today’s home update, I’m Dynell.

From seasonal temperature flutuations to excess rain fall, pests find any excuse to enter homes. If you’re a new homeowner, Orkin recommends avoiding these 5 ‘pesky’ mistakes.

  1. Overlooking tiny cracks. Cracks and crevices in doors, foundations and walls can invite pests inside. Seal any openings around doors, windows and pipes, and install weather stripping around and under all doors including garage doors.
  2. Furnishing with second-hand items. Pests have been known to hide in second-hand upholstered furniture. Inspect and quarantine all second-hand furniture before bringing it into your home.
  3. Ignoring insulation. The attic can be a gateway for pests. Inspect insulation for pest activity and damage on a regular basis. Consider installing new insulation specifically designed to deter pests.
  4. Neglecting flooring and siding damage. Foundation, wood framing, furniture and shelves are all possible feeding sites for termites. Signs of termite activity include buckling wood, swollen floors, and ceilings that appear to have slight water damage.
  5. Foregoing repairs. Leaks may appear minor, but when combined wit condensation they create ideal conditions for pests. Fix leaking faucets, water pipes or HVAC units as soon as possible, and eliminate standing water on the roof or in gutters.

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