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Video: Renew Your Home’s Aura with Color and Texture

Video: Renew Your Home’s Aura with Color and Texture

For your convenience there is a transcript directly below the video.

Video Transcript: Renew Your Home’s Aura with Color and Texture

Welcome to Today’s Home Update, I’m Brandon.

When decorating a room remember that color and texture help bring new emotion to a living space. Here are some key elements that are central to redefining a rooms vibe.

Flooring – Color, patterns and sheen work together to create feelings in a room through flooring. Flooring options like stone, marble, ceramic and wood come in a multitude of colors and patterns. Some homeowners design their floors to blend in and create a neutral backdrop, while others use dramatic colors to make the floor a focal point.

Walls – Beautifully grained wood can be used to bring a rustic ambiance to a room. Wood can be difficult to care for so consider combining it with ceramic tile. Or try to bring texture into your room with wall coverings that use dramatic raised patterns.

Furniture Lines – Bathrooms are usually the first rooms to be upgraded and redecorated, because guests and homeowners alike use them so frequently. Using wall-mounted vanities and furniture with clean lines, can help create a larger sense of the space. Geometric patterns also impart a sense of order to a room.

Thanks for watching Today’s home update. See you next time.

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