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Video: Take the Stress Out of Your Move

Video: Take the Stress Out of Your Move

In addition to the practical advice in this video, there are a few bits of advice I always give my clients for moving day.

  • Be sure the utilities have been turned on in your new home, and off at your old one.
  • If you’re using a moving service double check all loading lists. And as a small kindness, provide a snack and bottled water or small lunch for the movers. A little consideration from you might get your stuff a little more attention.
  • You’ve likely done a final walk-through on your new home. Do the same for the one that you’re leaving. Not only to assess the condition you’re leaving it in but to check for any damage done by the movers, and to be absolutely certain you’re not missing anything. It’s easy to overlook a picture that’s been on the wall for several years.

For your convenience you’ll find a transcript directly below the video.

Video Transcript: Take the Stress Out of Your Move

Welcome to Today’s Home Update, I’m Amanda.

Before you can move into your new home, there’s a dreaded hurdle to get over. Moving day. Here are some tips from Homes.com and Mattress Firm Inc. to make your move less stressful.

Start by planning ahead. A moving file and calendar are a great ways to keep all of your moving information and important documents in one place.

Next, get organized by coding boxes for their corresponding rooms. Sealing them with colored duct tape to color code.

Take steps to avoid breakage. Stack foam plates between each breakable plate, and tuck glasses inside socks. Another great idea? Use zippered sandwich bags for small items you need to take apart, like screws for a flat screen television or your bed frame. Label the bags accordingly to make unpacking and reassembling a breeze.

Be sure your plants are taken care of by transporting them in a Christmas Tree bag to keep all of the appendages safe and avoid snapping.

Finally, create a survival kit. Pack an easily accessible bag with cloths and toiletries, along with first aid essentials, a box cutter, paper towels, trash bags and power strips.

Thanks for watching Today’s Home Update. See you next time.

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