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Thanking Teachers Isn’t Just for June – A Thank You Thursday in Advance

Thursday Thank You - Bill Salvatore, Realty Excellence East Valley at Arizona Elite PropertiesIt’s been quite a while since back to school was a crazy time around our house. Now our back-to-school thoughts run more along the lines of “How can I avoid streets with school zones?” and “What hour of the day is the best time to not get stuck behind a bus?” But for a lot of folks, ‘back to school’ means absolute chaos while some very serious judgement is being rendered Teacher Discounts - AZVHV Heroes Home Advantage - Bill Salvatore, Realty Executives East Valley - 602-999-0952on just the right cloths and shoes, transportation schedules and time tables for after-school activities, trending backpacks and lunch containers that won’t get your kid beat up on the playground. Not to mention hunting down an exhaustive list of supplies that most schools now require students to purchase in advance.

How many of us have actually given much thought to the Teachers? You might think “Well, they haven’t done anything yet”. You’d be wrong. Prep for the upcoming first day of school starts on the last day of school. The past few months have been devoted to classroom themes, lesson plans, and continuing education. You know that long list of supplies that your kids are required to procure? The Teacher’s list is 10 times longer and much more expensive… on a teacher’s salary, but that’s a whole other blog.

I’ve worked with quite a few Teachers lately through our ‘Heroes‘ program. I’ve learned a lot and I can tell you this… Teachers work harder than most of the rest of us. Their days are longer and don’t end when the kids go home. Their weekends are filled with correcting and planning. Their Summer breaks are more work than vacation and definitely not ‘time off’.

I used to respect Teachers, but after working with so many Teachers, I’ve developed a whole new form of wonder and admiration. I could never do what they do. I couldn’t be the one to show enthusiasm day after day when I’m feeling miserable. I would never have the patience to be tolerant and polite with the class bully. And exactly how do you cram the same information into the heads of 30 different kids with 30 different personalities and different learning abilities?

I am in awe. And so today’s Thank You Thursday is earnestly dedicated to Teachers everywhere on the first day of school and throughout what I would consider a very, very long year.

Thanks for being there so I don’t have to.

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Learn more about the AZVHV Heroes Home Advantage cash-back program to help with your closing costs. The program benefits Teachers, Firefighters and Emergency Response Personnel, Nurses and other Health Care Professionals, Military Members and Veterans.

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