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Video: Give Your Home a Fresh Face for Fall

Video: Give your home a fresh face for Fall.

Fall can be a time of indifference for home owners. The Summer growing season, taking care of lawns and gardens, can be a busy time and as we prepare for Winter and the holidays, sometimes our home’s exterior looks neglected. It doesn’t take much to give it a little boost. The suggestions in the video below are not only cost effective but can upgrade the home curb appeal, energy efficiency and even security.

For your convenience you’ll find a transcript directly below the video.

Video Transcript: Give your home a fresh face for Fall

Welcome to Today’s Home Update, I’m Julia.

As the seasons change, so should your home’s curb appeal.

Try sprucing up your home’s exterior with some fall friendly touches. For example, consider replacing your front door with an EnergyStar alternative. Choose a door with decorative glass accents or sidelights to keep cool weather out and natural light in. If a door replacement is not in your budget, swap out door hardware instead for an instant facelift. Select finishes that complement other features of your home like light fixtures, your mailbox or house numbers.

Also consider repainting the exterior trim framing your home. This will update the look without costing as much as an entire paint job. Choose a color that coordinates with the home’s primary exterior color.

Of course fall plantings are an easy way to add life to your home’s exterior. Arrange pots around your front door, porch or deck, filled with hardy plants like Mums or Asters.

Finally, as the days get shorter, add exterior accent lighting. Illuminate an area with ground-insert solar lights. Use solar spotlights to show off landscaping, or install matching light fixtures around your front door, garage door, or patio door.

Thanks for watching Today’s Home Update. See you next time.

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