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Housing Starts Take a Nose-Dive After Months of Promising Development

Housing Starts Take a Nose-Dive After Months of Promising Development. Activity in the Residential New Construction arena has been disappointing of late. With residential resale inventory down and rental prices up, the real estate industry relies heavily on new construction to fill housing gaps. New construction completions are slow, due in part to a lack… Read More

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Where the Jobs Are: 7 Industries Ramping Up to Hire

By Barbara Pronin If you or someone you know will graduate with bachelor’s degree next spring, it’s time to spruce up your resume. A national recruiting trends survey administered by Michigan State University indicates the job market will be strong for 2016 graduates, with hiring expected to increase a minimum of 15 percent over last… Read More

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Fitness Company hiring Veterans / Job Listing on

Fitness & Wellness Professional Services is hiring Veterans. Here is their job listing on and a link to the job listing. Fitness & Wellness Professional Services, LLC (F&WPS) was formed to provide fitness and wellness services for the advancement of the community’s health and well-being. Partnering with hospitals to deliver full-service, hospital affiliated fitness… Read More

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Steady job growth in Arizona is a good sign.

Not a bad showing for Arizona. Job growth is not through the roof but appears to be somewhat steady at least.    ~Bill Arizona ranks in top 20 states for February job growth by Eric Jay Toll Reporter- Phoenix Business Journal Arizona’s employment gains in February put the state in the top 20 for job growth… Read More

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East Valley cities on millennial job seeker’s short list

NerdWallet, finance and daily-life info site for the instant-access addicted, named East Valley cities Chandler and Scottsdale, the top 2 Best Cities for Millennial Job Seekers in Arizona. I have to agree. Both cities have done a superb job of balancing and blending big business and entrepreneurship with residential interests.   ~Bill by Spencer Tierney/ NerdWallet… Read More

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Arizona New Construction numbers looking up. Will this be better for you?

You can make this year’s increase in New Construction work for you.  Whether or not you have an agent to represent you at a New Construction site, the price you pay for the home will be the same… except for the Discount I offer you to help you with your closing costs! More New Construction… Read More

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Mortgage applications for New Construction homes are up

This is encouraging. For the past few months construction permits and construction jobs have been slumping. When the construction industry moves forward it’s usually a good sign for the economy in general.  ~Bll ————————————————————— original post RealEstateRama, March 12, 2015 by MBA WASHINGTON, D.C. – March 12, 2015 – (RealEstateRama) – The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA)… Read More

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I’m not sure this is something we should be proud of…

According to a survey on wallethub, Gilbert, Arizona ranks 12th on a list of The Most Hardworking Cities. But according to a recent study, Americans as a nation, work too hard. We work longer hours and take less vacation time than residents in any other industrialized nation. The Huffington Post published an article stating that… Read More

Female Veterans Finding Homecoming a Challenge

In this video and article on PBS Newshour, Gayle Tzemach-Lemmon explains the unique challenges faced by female Veterans when transitioning to civilian life, and the companies trying to help. It’s believed that a higher percentage of female than male Veterans are homeless because available services are not focused on female Vets. Kudos to ‘Dress for… Read More

4,000 Veterans Personal Information Compromised

 Apparently the VA has personnel problems in every department 🙁  This was just stupid!   ~Bill San Antonio News – 4,0000 Veteran’s Personal Information Compromised Director: Immediate actions taken to notify Veteran  By Jessica Soto / Web-News Editor ABC12 KSAT SAN ANTONIO – The South Texas Veterans Health Care System in San Antonio is notifying 4,000… Read More