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Video: A Game Plan for Your Storage Unit

Video: A Game Plan for Your Storage Unit When you’re buying or selling a home there are a car-load of reasons that you might want or need to rent a storage unit… literally. Perhaps your home will be on the market and you or your Realtor feels that staging the home will present your property… Read More

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What’s the ‘New Black’ in Kitchen and Bath Remodels?

What’s the ‘New Black’ in Kitchen and Bath Remodels? It seems that black is the new black, or at least black with various shades of gray. The complete black to white spectrum is definitely trending among remodeling home owners, especially in back-splashes and flooring. The recent movement toward grays, features flooring in wood-grain tile, gray… Read More

5 Design Trends to Ditch if You Don’t Want Your Home to Look Dated

5 Design Trends to Ditch if You Don’t Want Your Home to Look Dated We’re always talking about the design trends that are ‘in’, but what about the ones that will make your home look dated? Trend-conscious homeowners, take heed. The new year brings a new crop of home design trends, as well as trends… Read More

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Video: Doing Upgrades to Sell Your Home? Say NO to Excess.

A fresh coat of paint and new, moderately priced, carpeting can do wonders when you’re preparing to sell your home. You’ll almost always see a jump in sales price for a home that’s obviously well cared for. And a good, top-to-bottom cleaning ensures that your fairly priced home will spend much less time on the… Read More

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5 Home Design Looks Now Trending

5 Home Design Looks Now Trending Have you wondered when remodeling or buying a new home, whether or not to go with the style that’s trending? Current trends in home design might be more durable than you think. In my experience it takes around 15 years or more for a home to look dated, and… Read More

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Effective Staging Presents an Inviting Face to Prospective Buyers

Staging comes in many different flavors, and it need not be expensive. You can hire a stager for their opinion only, using your existing furniture and fixtures. Stagers can bring in accent pieces or an entire house full of furniture if that’s what you’re looking for. Empty homes can be staged completely or enhanced with… Read More

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Pop-Up Staging or Virtual Staging, What Do You Think?

Set the Selling Scene with Pop-Up Staging. There are a couple of recent trends in home staging. one is virtual staging, where photos are edited to include nearly realistic furniture when the home has none. The other recent movement is toward pop-up staging, explained in more detail below. As you can see in the photos,… Read More

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Video: Staging Secrets of Model Homes

Video: Staging Secrets of Model Homes. You’re living in your home while it’s on the market. You may feel that only empty homes need staging, but there are some small, subtle changes that will have a big impact on how your home appears to Home Buyers. Look around… If a buyer had the choice between… Read More